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Company Profile

GTGConsult is based in Denmark and is owned and operated by Ebbe Wolff.
A 15-year veteran of the Danish Army and an avid competitive shooter, Ebbe's instruction and courses focuses on applying the fundamentals of shooting under any circumstances.

Our customers include Military Special Operations units, Government Close Protection and Hostage Rescue units as well as commercial Security and Risk Management providers.

With an offset in best practices derived from both the tactical and the competitive world, we aim to make you a better shooter, no matter what platform you use or which reality you need to perform in.

GTGConsult's method of instruction and shooting system is proven to be an effective way to optimize individual skills and proficiency with handguns and carbines/rifles, in both the tactical and competition arenas.

Using state-of-the-art targets, training aides and instruction methodologies, GTGConsult will help you reach your full potential quicker than you thought possible.

No matter if you opt for one of our private training opportunities or to attend a full-blown course, GTGConsult will make you quicker, more accurate and more efficient than you have ever been before.

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Course Schedule 2019

Week  2 - Contract Class - NFI
Week 11 - Contract Class - NFI
Week 12 - Contract Class - NFI

Week 14 - Contract Class - NFI
April 6/7 - Intermediate Pistol - Copenhagen
Week 17 - Contract Class - NFI

May 7/8 - Intermediate Rifle - Stockholm
May 9/10 - Intermediate Rifle - Stockholm
May 11/12 - Advanced Rifle - Stockholm

Week 21 - Contract Class - NFI
June 6/7 - Advanced Rifle - Malmö
June 8/9 - Intermediate Pistol - Malmö

Week 32 - IPSC Rifle World Shoot - Sweden
Week 33 - Contract Class - NFI
Week 37 - IPSC European Handgun Championship - Serbia

Week 43 - Contract Class - NFI
Week 44 - Contract Class - NFI

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